Win When the Pros Win!

We have a new program going on right now that gives you a chance to save money!  There is a Professional tournament every week of the season and here is your chance to win when the Pros win!  If you play the same clubs that Sunday’s winner plays, visit our Facebook page to get a code word on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.  Come in to the range and give us the code word and show us what clubs you play and you will recieve $1.00 off any size basket of balls.  If the winner is a PING professional and you play PING clubs too, you will receive 50% off your basket.  For example,  let’s say that Adam Scott wins this Sunday who is of course a Titleist guy.  If you have Titleist clubs in your bag too, visit our Facebook page on Monday to get the code word then come out to the range, show us your Titleist club and give us the code word to get $1.00 off your basket.  The offer will be good on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday however you will need to check the Facebook page as the code word will be different for each day.  Let’s say that the following week Hunter Mahan wins the tournament.  If you play PING clubs like Hunter does, visit the Facebook page, get the code word then come to the range with your PING club and code word to get 50% off a basket.