As the custom fitting pioneer and leader, PING embraces the responsibility of elevating the fitting experience beyond golfer’s expectations.  In creating nFlight, the company’s team of software developers, scientists and fitting experts combined years of product knowledge, scientific data and fitting research into a tool that ensures fitting results never before available in both the indoor and outdoor environments.  They developed the industry’s first virtual software to precisely model, digitally analyze and scientifically compare every aspect of every shot it captures.The simplicity of nFlight relies on numerous and complex equations working within the software to analyze and compare shot characteristics and results.  The software is capable of recommending thousands of club combinations.  The software’s simulation capabilities go beyond the incredible graphic detail, which includes blowing leaves on the trees and ripples on the water.  It factors in the golfer’s typical playing conditions to compensate for any environmental variances.  It even considers the type of ball you’re being fit with to ensure accurate results.nFlight uses PING’s proven multi-step fitting processes for metal woods, irons and wedges to guide the fitter through the process.  Familiar concepts such as the interview, static measurements and color code remain part of the process.  In addition to providing detailed club specifications, nFlight includes a gapping analysis feature to make full set recommenations.  By analyzing data from three clubs hit during the fitting session - typically a hybrid, iron and wedge - the software configures a set to produce proper distance gaps between every club.In the end, you walk away with complete confidence in the PING Custom Fitting process knowing you’ve been properly fit for the latest advancements in equipment technology.  Woody’s is proud to offer this nFlight fitting.  The cost for the fitting is as follows: Iron Fitting (approx one hour) = $65.00 Driver Fitting (approx one hour) = $65.00 To schedule a fitting with one of our PGA and PING certified Professionals click HERE