Do you want to work at Woody’s?


There are a few things you need to know.

1.  We are a drug free environment and reserve the right to test at any time.

2.  All male employees will have hair above the collar and ear and no visible jewelry.

3.  We are an electronic free zone; no phones, I pods, pagers, etc. while working.

4.  Woody’s is a smoke free environment while visible to any customer.

5.  Employees are expected to seek out customer contact.

6.  Employees are expected to look people in the eye and always greet customers.

7.  Employees will remain in costume and character while visible to customers.

8.  Employees will be courteous and respectful of our customers.

9.  Employees will always project a positive image.

10.  Employees will go above and beyond customer expectations.

Still want to work for Woody’s?

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