How to buy your first Va home insurance policy

Buying your first home is a huge decision. Most times along with buying a home comes other life changes like getting married or have children. Many people are also figuring out that keeping money for their own place makes more sense than spending their money towards rent. Being able to find ways to save money when you purchase your first home is a main priority. For example, saving money on insurance coverage by collecting VA homeowners quotes at

No matter if you are buying a condo, house, or a mobile home you will need to find the right amount of insurance to protect it.

How much is home insurance?

Average home insurance rates on average range from $905 plus a year. While some of the other more costly states can be up to $2,200. Remember that these rates will normally include discounts. However, for a first time home buyer, discounted rates may not available. It is extremely crucial to prepare and collect VA homeowners quotes. Money that you save on insurance could go elsewhere.

Be sure to speak to a local agent who can inform you of problems or higher costs. Here are a few factors that can increase your home insurance costs:

  • If you have previous claims, like for example on a renters policy. You will not be eligible for a claims-free discount for your homeowners insurance. This could cause you to pay more.
  • If you do not go ahead and take advantage of bundling your home and auto policies, you will end up paying more for home insurance coverage.
  • You have a gap in insurance history
  • Have been canceled by an insurance company
  • If your home has special requirements or features


Save on your first home insurance policy


  • Never leave shopping for a policy as last minute
  • Never assume that your home insurance costs will be the same as the previous owners
  • Mortgage insurance can be more affordable through an insurance agent
  • Never skip the home inspection, it will save money long term
  • Be sure to have an insurance history in advance

As a first time home buyer, we know things can get confusing. If you are looking to save on your home insurance policy, you need to collect VA homeowners quotes at This is the best method to use when trying to save money on your homeowners insurance policy.