Biashara Necklaces for sale-Handmade!

That’s right, Woody’s Golf Range has partnered with the Biashara Project. These Kiberan women make these necklaces by hand and, just like the women, each one is completely beautiful and unique. These necklaces symbolize free enterprise and a real way to teach these women the skills needed to be independent business owners. This project is not just give the man a fish and he will be hungry again, this is give the man a fishing pole and teach him how to fish. We are proud to be involved in this worthy ministry to the women of the Kiberan Slum.

Thanks to the wonderful work of the founders Karen and Sandy Baird whose selfless love, tireless effort and Christlike compassion have inspired all of us here at Woody’s. You can now buy these necklaces here at the range for the very modest price of $15.95. They are all beautiful necklaces, made by beautiful women. Now you can own one of these unique cherished symbols of freedom, treasure it always, and help change the future for Kiberan women and their families. Staff at Woody’s