Black Friday at Woody’s

Woody’s Partners with Central Union Mission for Christmas

Woody’s has become an official drop off point for the Central Union Mission.
Bring your NEW toys to the range and donate them to the Mission.
They will be given to the needy kids in the District of Columbia.
Help make your Christmas a little brighter by blessing someone else.

“Lag and Drag” Episode 43 Tweak of the Week

Woody’s Donates $3,000 to Arusha Clinic

Woody’s is proud to have helped out the Arusha Clinic in Nairobi, Kenya.

They need a space for their full time doctor who will work with the clinic to help care for the local families who cannot

afford normal physician care. Woody’s has sent them a check for $3,000 to help get the Doctor’s home up and going.

We found out about this need through the missions team to Kibera who were from Mclean bible church. You can help

too by going to

Biashara Necklaces for sale-Handmade!





That’s right, Woody’s Golf Range has partnered with the Biashara Project. These Kiberan women make these

necklaces by hand and, just like the women, each one is completely beautiful and unique. These necklaces symbolize free

enterprise and a real way to teach these women the skills needed to be independent business owners. This project is not

just give the man a fish and he will be hungry again, this is give the man a fishing pole and teach him how to fish. We are

proud to be involved in this worthy ministry to the women of the Kiberan Slum. Thanks to the wonderful work of the

founders Karen and Sandy Baird whose selfless love, tireless effort and Christlike compassion have inspired all of us here

at Woody’s. You can now buy these necklaces here at the range for the very modest price of $15.95. They are all

beautiful necklaces, made by beautiful women. Now you can own one of these unique cherished symbols of freedom,

treasure it always, and help change the future for Kiberan women and their families.          Staff at Woody’s


Woody’s Golf Range Donates $250 to the Wounded Warrior Project

Please go on our Facebook page and “LIKE” us there and we will donate $1 for every like we get up to 3,000 to the Wounded Warrior Project. This is a great cause as we love our troops who have made the free will choice to put themselves in harm’s way for our freedom and safety.
We have currently donated $250 and we hope that our fans and followers will help us get more by liking us.God bless our troops!

Welcome to our Home Page

And we want you to feel just like that. We want you to feel at home. Take your time and browse around.Get to know us and let us get to know you as well. We have been serving our community for over 30 yearsand have a great love of families, the strength of our nation. We have invested our lives and our businessto provide a place where the family can come and enjoy the afternoon together in a safe, peaceful environment.So grab the kids and come on over to see why we are Northern Virginia’s finest entertainment venue.God bless. Staff at Woody’s

Woody FitzHugh shows you a couple of practice techniques to help you stop shanking

Woody’s sends a team to help OPERATION KINDNESS

Operation Kindness run by Mclean Bible Church helps our troops overseas by sending them care boxes full of all kinds of goodies from back home. Once each month volunteers are asked to come in and fill up the boxes and get them ready for shipment. Woody’s was proud to have two of our staff go over and help out. God bless our troops!!!

Perils of the Lost Jungle 30 second trailer

Help us help Wounded Warriors. Get us LIKES

Please help us reach our goal of 3,000 people who LIKE us by the end of the season. In order to help motivate you we will donate 1 dollar to wounded warriors for every LIKE we get up to 3,000.

Help us and help a worthy cause. Tell your friends to LIKE us too. We thank you in advance.  Staff at Woody’s

“Springtime checklist” Episode 41 Tweak of the Week

Steve Wen Petren shows you how to spring into spring

Wild Boar Attack in the Lost Jungle

Check out this video telling the story of the new Wild Boar found in our Jungle

Hank Haney comes to Woody’s to hit balls and relax

Hank Haney comes to Woody’s straight from the US OPEN to hit balls and relax

Shouldn’t You?

Hank Haney Tweeted

” Went to a great range in DC this trip, Woody’s, what a cool place!!!

Spencer Thielmann and Eric Hanas Travel all the way from New Jersey to play Perils of the Lost Jungle

Eric Hanas and Spencer Thielmann pose with our own Jungle guide Danielle Bailey

These two youg men now hold the record for furthest distance traveled to play Perils of the Lost Jungle

We thank you guys for coming all the way from New Jersey and hope you had a great time. Thanks again.

So the bar is raised once again.   Road trip anyone??

Why are Woody’s grass tees the best in the area?

Ryan Powers and Carmen Wojciechowski come all the way from Brooklyn, New York to play Perils of the Lost Jungle

We are proud to announce our new record holders for furthest distance travelled to play Perils of the Lost Jungle.

This week Ryan Powers and Carmen Wojciechowski got up early and left New York around 7am with the sole purpose of coming to Northern Virginia to play Perils of the Lost Jungle at Woody’s.

Their desire was to snatch the coveted honor from our previous long distance travellers. We were of course thrilled to have them as it is our great pleasure to entertain couples and families from all over. This couple are miniature golf connoisseurs who have even played in Belgium.

Thanks so much to Ryan and Carmen for coming so far to have some fun with us. God bless you both. So the bar is raised yet again. Get some buds together and take a LONG road trip to Perils of the Lost Jungle!

Thinking about getting married?

Let Voila Event Studio plan your wedding from start to finish… Check out the video and find out who is
the driving force behind Northern Virginia’s best wedding and event planning company.

These pics are priceless! Who said our Jungle isn’t scary enough?!

Please look closely at these pictures. They tell a great story. They are taken in sequence and these guys are obviously not actors. Looks like the Jungle has a few surprises in store for our young explorers.  As Nigel Bogey says “Danger lurks around every corner.”  After all, it’s a Jungle out there!


We're a little apprehensive

I think there is something moving over there

It's an ALLIGATOR!!!!!!

AHHHHHHHHHH!! Every man/girl for himself!!!

I just want to get out ALIVE!!!!

Record setters come all the way from Connecticut!!

Alex and Mike Mozian came all the way from Connecticut to capture the top honor for traveling the farthest distance to come play Perils of the Lost Jungle miniature golf adventure. They earned the coveted title from our New York friends Ryan Powers and Carmen Wojciechowski who came from Brooklyn. Alex and Mike will return in a few weeks with their dad Joe and we are thrilled to have them back as reigning champions. Once again the bar is raised in this amazing contest to see who will come the farthest distance just to play our Perils of the Lost Jungle adventure. So grab some buddies and get on down the road from a place very far away and see if you can take the prize from our very own Mozian family and truly make playing Perils of the Lost Jungle a real adventure!

Steve WenPetren shows you how to chip and pitch