About 120 balls About 65 balls About 35 balls


Jumbo: $13.00 Large: $10.00 Small: $7.00

Do you love competition but can't make time to head to the course? Check out our very own Ironmasters Challenge! A game focusing on precision and accuracy, Ironmasters will test your ability and bring out the champion in you! Play any time with our scorecards or stay tuned for specific event nights!

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Because Woody's is owned by a former PGA Tour player, we recognize the value of realistic and accurate practicing. For this reason, our range doesn't have a net, and we don't have restricted flight golf balls. In fact, we have Pinnacle golf balls made by Titleist, the #1 ball in golf! This way, you can always test your distances and watch the natural ball flight!
Our Astro turf mats are made by Monsanto. They are blown off every morning, rotated once a week and completely replaced every Spring. Heated, lighted, and covered stalls make it possible for you to work on your game all year round regardless of the weather.
7 targets of varying distances are located in our field in order to make your practice more efficient, beneficial and challenging!